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Customizing the H-Loc Trapped Blister Clamshell

Every product is different, with its own shape, size and marketing strategy that demands a packaging solution just as unique. The ability to customize your package to meet the needs of your product can increase marketing and sales, improving your product’s overall performance as well as customer satisfaction. The H-Loc Trapped Blister is a sustainable […]

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Cure Wrap Rage with the H-Loc Trapped Blister

Wrap rage has become a common occurrence in households across the globe, thanks to hard-to-open clamshell packages that leave consumers frustrated and, sometimes, injured. A variety of tools have been introduced to the market, designed specifically to open clamshell packages. Powered scissors, for example, are supposed to saw through thick plastic edges, while other tools

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How Safe Is Your Packaging?

Most consumers are familiar with the traditional clamshell package, an all-plastic container used extensively for gadgets and electronics, among many other everyday products. While clamshells boast tamper-resistant features and a clear view of the product, these containers are often more associated with their difficult-to-open design in which opening requires a pair of heavy-duty scissors, a

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A Close Look at Corrugated Packaging

While many packaging solutions, such as the traditional clamshell, utilize all-plastic structures, the H-Loc Trapped Blister boasts an innovative design with a minimal amount of plastic. The majority of trapped blister packs consist of corrugated cardboard, the most recycled material on the planet and also one of the most well-known and widely used for packaging. Below,

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