The SBS Shell Trapped Blister

Blister packaging with loose pink pills next to it

cost-effective-packagingUnique products require unique packaging, with solutions that not only save materials and money, but that also work to improve the product and have a positive impact on both the consumer and the environment. While all that may seem like a list of goals that are impossible to achieve, the truth is that the SBS Shell Trapped Blister is designed to meet each of the above expectations.

The SBS Shell is a trapped blister pack for businesses in search of a safe, cost-effective and sustainable clamshell replacement. While clamshell packaging uses excess plastic material to produce an unsafe, hard-to-open package that increases harmful waste, the SBS Shell is a 100% sustainable packaging solution that is specifically designed for small, lightweight products. Explore the benefits of the SBS Shell, including innovative design, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Innovative Design:

Rather than mimic the clamshell’s all-plastic design, which produces unattractive glare under store lights and reduces graphic space, the SBS Shell uses minimal plastic material trapped between two pieces off corrugated cardboard. The trapped blister design and use of paperboard over plastic allows for increased graphic space for eye-catching logos and product information, which can have a large impact on whether or not the customer makes the final purchase.


Not only does the SBS trapped blister reduce harmful plastic waste by utilizing primarily paperboard materials, but both its plastic and cardboard materials are 100% recycled. Recycled PET, or rPET, stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a durable material made from recycled products such as water bottles. Additionally, the SBS Shell uses biodegradable corrugated components, or corrugated cardboard, one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

Cost Effectiveness:

The SBS Shell is a low-cost option ideal for Grocery/Drug channels that specialize in selling large volumes of single-pack and convenience products in small packages. With the SBS Shell’s compact design, it is ideal for such products as iPhone cases, USB drives, toys and hardware. Shipping and storage costs are greatly reduced with smaller, lightweight packaging designs, saving on shipping space and transportation fuel.

With its innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions, the SBS Shell is a smart packaging option with a positive impact on businesses and the environment.  

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