Meet The Team

Jason Rotner

General Manager

Meet Jason, the General Manager at Pioneer and an 18-year veteran of the packaging industry. A true go-getter and problem solver, Jason is passionate about approaching challenges with a never-say-no mindset and diligently working to find solutions. He enjoys learning about how our cients companies work, providing a wide variety of packaging related products through Pioneer, and most of all, working with an uplifting team of people that share similar values. He loves that no two days are ever the same; always something new to learn about what makes businesses tick and how Pioneer can best support them. Equally as valuable as his professional skillset is Jason's personal character traits - he's known for being an attentive listener, an incredibly reliable friend, and having a heart of gold. When not mapping out business strategies or meeting with clients at Pioneer, you'll likely find Jason golfing with friends, watching sporting events with family, or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

Drew Henderson

Operations Manager

Drew is a Packaging and Customer Advocate at Pioneer, and a master of multitasking. He was the General Manager of a Pei Wei restaurant at only 23 years old - quite the accomplishment! Integrity, honesty, transparency, and communication are important values to Drew both at work and in his personal life. When it comes to Pioneer, he has found the ultimate outlet to challenge himself and further his professional journey with confidence and guidance from his boss-man Jason. His favorite part about this industry is that no two days are ever the same: there's always something new to tackle! In addition to being an honest and reputable sales professional during work hours, Drew is also known for being an amazing husband and dad. He can be found spending time with his wife and two daughters golfing, watching sports (football is a must), and – if you’re lucky - belting out some tunes during karaoke sessions when he can beat stage fright!

Mona Kizzire

Accounting Manager

Mona is a creative force in the world of accounting, known for her keen professional knowledge and quick wit. As an Accounting Manager at Pioneer, she continually embraces new challenges and always brings a smile to the faces of auditors with her adaptive talents. Mona values the Golden Rule highly, treating all coworkers and clients with respect. Beyond this, she enjoys guiding others through figuring out company financials and delights in the incredible variety that the packaging industry offers. Though more than anything else, Mona's favorite part about working at Pioneer is simply being surrounded by its wonderful people! When not crunching numbers or strategizing for success, this loving employee loves watching her ever-growing family grow even bigger - maybe even big enough for some group belly dancing classes; did we mention that's her hidden talent?

Beth DuRocher

Administrative Professional

Beth is an admin for Pioneer, and has gained experience in all company departments. These include customer service, purchasing, accounting, sales, and warehouse operations. Her positive outlook stems from the value she finds in her faith. Beth loves the variety of customers and products that the packaging industry brings; “every product needs packaging!” What she most enjoys about working at Pioneer is the family-like relationships she has with her co-workers, customers, and vendors. Outside of work Beth cherishes spending time getting together with friends and loved ones. Professionally known for her experience, knowledge, quick response time, and positive attitude; Beth is also known amongst those close to her for being kind-hearted and considerate. If we had a talent show she’d be right there - charming us all with her precious grand puppy Bentley!

Marco Gonzalez

Warehouse Manager

Meet Marco, an enthusiastic warehouse manager at Pioneer who has successfully taken on a leadership role within the company. He values hard work and dedication, resourcefulness in finding innovative solutions to challenging tasks, integrity in all aspects of his life, and teamwork when tackling any project. His favorite part of the packaging industry is seeing the finished product on store shelves - a tangible representation of him and the team’s hard work! Of course, one of the reasons he loves working at Pioneer is because of the amazing team he gets to work with day-in and day-out. His performance under difficult situations is remarkable - always headstrong and determined - but it's his ability to improvise that makes him stand out from the rest. When he's not busy managing the warehouse, Marco enjoys spending time with his family and grandkids, and outdoor activities like fishing & dirt bike riding!

Rosemary Suhar

Customer Service Advocate

Rosemary is a Customer Advocate at Pioneer with an eye for detail and an adventurer's spirit. She values her work ethic and loves seeing projects from start to finish; there’s something so fulfilling about finding the perfect solution to meet a customer’s needs. Her biggest professional accomplishment was helping a customer manage their inventory levels with consignment billing, and keeping the sales staff’s orders and deliveries organized and fulfilled in a fast-paced environment. She may be a proud homebody, but she also loves to kickstart her Harley on beautiful days, traveling, and exploring. If Pioneer opened a restaurant, she would “WOW” everyone with her savory cooking skills! Rosemary's positive, organized attitude has earned her professional recognition while her adventurous nature has made her personally beloved by many.

Malik Morris

Customer Service Advocate

Malik is an energetic and hardworking Customer Advocate at Pioneer. He has achieved amazing success in his career, having gone from a warehouse team member to his current role as customer service advocate – an accomplishment he is incredibly proud of. Malik loves how fulfilling it is to help customers determine exactly what size packaging they need, and the most inspiring part of his job is seeing orders completed on time. Plus, working at Pioneer isn't bad either – he love’s that everyone is both nice and easy to work with! In his free time, Malik helps out his uncle with various maintenance jobs. His peers recognize him for being dependable and on-time professionally, while personally he's known for always being punctual and reliable.

Victor Austin

Packaging advocate

Bio coming soon.

Dan Fish

Packaging Professional

For over 25 years, Dan has been an admirable Packaging Advocate at Pioneer who's mastered the challenge of satisfying customers by coming up with innovative solutions. A big part of what he loves about the industry is its vast array of intriguing problem-solving possibilities. He takes pride in his work and values honesty and always doing the right thing. As a result, Dan has built himself a reputation for being someone who can be trusted to deliver quality results and remain reliable when it matters most. It's no surprise that his biggest talent outside of work is playing the piano and developing his artistic talents in drawing and oil painting. It reflects his tenacity to strive for perfection within anything he sets out to do. In addition to enjoying long days at Pioneer, Dan also likes to spend his free time exploring nature while backpacking. Above all, what makes Dan truly unique is that he is persistent. He does not give up. He pushes forward until the problem or challenge is solved. He isn't afraid to follow his dreams, pursue unorthodox methods to reach his goals, and take the moral high ground without fear of failure. His personal motto is, “Solve the Problem.”

Kellie Gonzalez

Packaging Advocate

Meet Kellie, a Packaging Advocate at Pioneer Packaging Worldwide. She’s a motivated go-getter who values honesty and integrity in her job - the most inspiring part of which is finding new creative solutions to problems. Her favorite part? Going on "field trips" to the warehouse where she gets to see how things are made. Away from work, Kellie is an Arizona rancher with five horses, two cattle dogs and an enviable can-do attitude. Professionally, she's known for being persistent and patient and never giving up. Personally, she loves showing off her Marilyn Monroe singing voice (particularly “Happy Birthday”) as well as being a role model for her daughter, who has owned her own equestrian business since the age of 18. With skills ranging from day-to-day ranch management to packaging guru acumen, Kellie impresses those around her every day!”

Melissa Keller

Packaging Advocate

Meet Melissa, a Packaging Advocate at Pioneer who is passionate about integrity and honesty. What she loves most about the packaging industry is solving challenging problems for her clients. With her unique skills and persistence, Melissa has become known professionally for never giving up. Yet, personally, it’s her remarkable sincerity that people admire most. When not problem-solving at Pioneer, Melissa loves to practice yoga and spend time with her family outdoors – and sometimes demonstrating her hidden talent of hula hooping! Her favorite part of working at Pioneer is getting to learn from industry experts on a daily basis. All-in-all, Melissa knows how to work hard and play hard - carving out success in both personal and professional life!

Mike Kozel

Packaging Advocate

Mike is an inspiring Packaging Advocate at Pioneer. He values honesty and integrity, which have always guided him in his career. This was most notable when he was able to land a $250K account within his sales career. Mike loves the wide range of product lines that come with the packaging industry and finds helping customers find the right solutions to be the most rewarding part of his job. What makes Pioneer especially enjoyable for Mike is the helpful team he gets to work with every day. When he's not busy advocating for packaging, Mike likes to spend time with his family, watch sports, play golf, and show off his hidden talent: movie quoting! Professionals know him as an honest and persistent worker bee, while friends know him to be a fun-loving guy with a laid-back demeanor.

Michael McBride

Marketing Director

Michael is the passionate and creative Marketing Director at Pioneer. His biggest professional accomplishment is building and expanding on businesses' marketing efforts while moving them in-house. He enjoys learning about the unique backgrounds and accomplishments of his co-workers and loves discovering the variety of products Pioneer packages for. What drives him professionally is his creativity and personally is his honesty and willingness to help others. Outside of work, Michael enjoys exploring nature, spending time with his wife and daughter and their beloved Goldendoodle. He also enjoys creating graphically designed artwork. He brings these same creative skills to his professional life where colleagues know him as exceptionally honest and eager to help others succeed.
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