Gail Platt


“Our customers represent all of the people of the world, and we are committed to creating variety for our supplier base that reflects this global diversity.”

Our customers operate Worldwide, and we are committed to providing profitable solutions for them and our broad and supportive supplier base”
Gail sees an amazing future for Pioneer, our industry and customers. And why not,? Under her guidance we have grown to become a leader in packaging and distribution with satisfied customers operating around the world. Gail has enjoyed a long and successful career in the industry including the last 33 years with Pioneer Packaging Worldwide.

Gail directs a strong and experienced team excelling in operations, administration, finance, and sales. According to Gail, what makes Pioneer Packaging Worldwide special is the work of our people in enhancing our customer’s experience and their profitability Gail’s ownership status has led to Pioneer Packaging Worldwide to be certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. This allows our customers to take advantage of government and industry incentives for supplier fulfillment. It is one more way Pioneer Packaging Worldwide delivers better and complete solutions for our customer’s packaging needs.

Bruce Giedt

Vice President and Secretary

“We’re built for the digital age and the global marketplace. We are constantly innovating and improving.”

For Bruce, creating powerful new customer relationships is a lot like telling a great story—it’s all in the delivery. Specifically, it’s all about delivering “the right product, the right team, and the right packaging solution” to unlock a product’s full potential.

To say that Bruce knows packaging would be an incredible understatement. He’s been a recognized industry leader for more than 50 years, including 27 at Pioneer Packaging Worldwide. He’s an expert in sales, marketing and manufacturing of all things packaging. Currently, Bruce oversees long-term strategy and financing. His experience and leadership is evident in the fantastically successful client partnerships he has built and maintained, the careers he has inspired, and the colleagues he has mentored.

Dan Rotner

Vice President-General Manager

“There is no better experience than creating a solution to a packaging problem. That’s when you know we’ve helped our customer win.”

Customers love Dan. Maybe it’s because he often knows what they need before they know themselves. Or maybe it’s because he enjoys putting in the hard work required to build genuine and beneficial relationships. Or perhaps it’s just because he’s a really nice guy. At Pioneer Packaging Worldwide we believe it’s all of these things and more.

Dan leads our rapidly expanding global offering, while also continuing to steer the Phoenix office. With 30 years of experience in the business, on clients ranging from small and local to vast and global, he’s continued to be invaluable to our customers.

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