Sustainable Packaging

20Jun 2018

With the majority of the population becoming more concerned about environmental issues like climate change and pollution, people are proactively engaging in discovering solutions to these problems. With advances in technology and engineering, people are inventing packaging that is completely biodegradable or compostable. These materials will serve to replace the plastic and other synthetic materials […]

13Jun 2018

With new technology available, it is easier than ever to utilize product packaging that is flexible. There was a study conducted by the Flexible Packaging Association that says, consumers are willing to pay 10%-17% more on products that are inflexible packaging rather than non-flexible packaging. Consumers prefer it because it is convenient to store products, […]

06Jun 2018

Previously, we gave you some advice about various Packaging Tips and Tricks to help you grab consumers attention when competition is high. A prime example of a company doing that is Diageo, the company who owns various popular alcohol brands such as Captain Morgan, Guinness, Ketel One, and many more. They wanted to enhance their […]

30May 2018

Make way for the millennials! The millennial generation has surpassed the Baby Boomer generation in numbers, making them the largest segment of consumers. There are hundreds of articles on how consumers preferences differ between each generation. With that being said, millennials look for specific aspects of packaging that peak their unique interests. Here are a […]

23May 2018

Despite companies trying to put forth their best sustainability efforts, there are many common sustainable packaging mistakes that are still being made. These issues range from using chemicals that can negatively impact the environment to using excess packaging materials. It is important for you to be aware of these issues when considering what packaging services […]

16May 2018

Sustainability efforts have grown immensely over the past decade. The reason for this can be attributed to climate change, rising pollution levels, and landfill waste impacting ecosystems. There is no lack of information available about how sustainable efforts like switching to alternative energy and minimizing hazardous materials in product packaging can positively impact business efforts, […]

07Mar 2018

We all know that plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and have lasting effects on our endangered marine life. But, with a majority of companies still packaging their beverage products in plastic, it is hard to buy alternative options. However, more companies are moving towards using aseptic packaging as a substitute for plastic bottling. […]