Customizing the H-Loc Trapped Blister Clamshell

Silver blister packaging with pink pills inside the plastic shells

sbs trapped blisterEvery product is different, with its own shape, size and marketing strategy that demands a packaging solution just as unique. The ability to customize your package to meet the needs of your product can increase marketing and sales, improving your product’s overall performance as well as customer satisfaction. The H-Loc Trapped Blister is a sustainable packaging solution that not only allows you to package your product for a greener, healthier and safer future, but also offers wide versatility when it comes to design, graphics and marketing.

Unique Design:

The H-Loc Trapped Blister’s unique design involves a minimal amount of recycled PET, or RPET, used to contain the product, then surrounded and trapped between two pieces of corrugated cardboard. The RPET can be molded and customized to contain a wide variety of products – from cell phones to swimming goggles, USB drives to cosmetics. The strong structure is durable enough to hold even large and heavy products, with stacking strength for optimal shipping and display.

Superior Graphics:

The trapped blister utilizes a combination of RPET and recycled corrugated cardboard, rather than an excessive amount of harmful plastic, and the use of cardboard increases graphic space. The cardboard’s large, flat surface allows for printed graphics that are bold, colorful and eye-catching, and can extend to the edge of the package. All-plastic packages, such as the traditional clamshell, produce a glare from store lighting and reduce the product’s visibility. With increased graphic space, you can improve your package’s graphics for a unique, completely customized appearance.

Reach Your Target Market:

With a packaging solution that features a customized design and unique graphics, you can better reach your target market. Customers are more likely to choose products with sustainable, functional, practical and eye-catching packaging designs. The trapped blister’s corrugated cardboard also provides more space for product information, instructions and other details that can impact a customer’s decision.


For a sustainable packaging solution that boasts versatility, sustainability and strong marketing ability, choose the H-Loc Trapped Blister.

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