Cure Wrap Rage with the H-Loc Trapped Blister

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wrap-rageWrap rage has become a common occurrence in households across the globe, thanks to hard-to-open clamshell packages that leave consumers frustrated and, sometimes, injured. A variety of tools have been introduced to the market, designed specifically to open clamshell packages. Powered scissors, for example, are supposed to saw through thick plastic edges, while other tools feature retractable blades and hand grips.

These special packaging-opening tools, however, can be just as dangerous as using tools, knives and other sharp blades from around the house. With nearly 6,000 Americans sent to the emergency room each year from opening plastic packages, there comes a need to find a clamshell replacement, rather than spend more money and risk further injury with useless package-opening tools.

The H-Loc Trapped Blister

The trapped blister is a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solution to wrap rage and frustrating clamshell packaging. While the clamshell utilizes an all-plastic design, creating sharp edges once opened and typically made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – an environmentally dangerous material that releases toxic chemicals during production and is difficult to recycle – the trapped blister is produced with recycled PET (RPET) and corrugated cardboard. RPET is made from recycled plastic water bottles and is used to contain the product, while the majority of the trapped blister consists of corrugated cardboard, the most recycled material on the planet. This makes the package easier to open, as consumers simply have to cut through the cardboard, rather than stab their way through excessively thick plastic.

Additional benefits of the H-Loc Trapped Blister include increased graphic space, which allow for bold graphics and more detailed product information, as well as minimal plastic use that helps to control costs. Water-based adhesives and soy-based inks contribute to an overall greener package, contributing to a safer and healthier environment.

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