Product Spotlight: Sustainable Thermal Cooler

sustainable cardboard box used for professional packaging

With the demand from customers, especially younger generations, for more sustainable solutions, companies are starting to consider more eco-friendly shipping options

Here at Pioneer Packaging, we take those efforts very seriously and have taken steps to offer more sustainable shipping products. One being our new Sustainable Thermal Cooler, a cooler that is just as insulative as styrofoam coolers but is completely 100% recyclable. 

Pioneer’s Sustainable Thermal Cooler

Our thermal cooler is made up of a corrugated box in the outer layer paired with a cardboard framework that is lined with perforated layers of paper insulation. This 100% recyclable cooler fixes the main problem that regular expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers present, while these EPS coolers are very effective in transferring cold products, they are very hard to recycle. On the other hand, corrugated packaging has a recovery rate of 93% in the U.S. and 72% in Europe making our thermal cooler an excellent styrofoam and plastic alternative. In fact, for every 10,000 thermal coolers shipped, over 6,500 cubic feet of waste will be kept from landfills.

Tested against strict industry shipping standards, the thermal cooler is able to withstand harsh environments during transit and keep contents cool. This is due to the pockets of air that are trapped within the paper layers to insulate the inside of the box. 

Finally, the thermal cooler is perfect for food products such as produce, meat, seafood, juice, dairy and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it can be used in the medical industry to transport critical items like vaccines.

Sustainability and Pioneer Packaging

For over 35 years Pioneer Packaging has been a leader in providing packaging solutions to our clients in various industries. As we continue our commitment to more sustainable quality solutions, we are proud to offer the thermal cooler and other sustainable packaging alternatives. Contact us today to learn more.

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