Pioneer Packaging Is Proud to Introduce Sustainable Thermal Cooler

For decades, expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers have been the most commonly used insulated packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, the challenge with this type of packaging is how notoriously difficult they are to recycle. That is why we constructed a thermal cooler that is not only highly insulative, but it promotes sustainable responsibility. 

Say Goodbye to Styrofoam and Welcome Insulative Paper

Our insulated packaging takes the design of traditional EPS coolers but incorporates eco-friendly materials into the final product. As a styrofoam alternative, this earth-friendly packaging consists of an outer corrugated box with a cardboard framework lined with perforated layers of paper insulation. Each box will contain pockets of air that are trapped within the paper layers to insulate the inside of the box – keeping it cool from exterior temperatures. 

Due to it being composed entirely of paper and corrugated cardboard materials, our thermal coolers are 100% recyclable. You can rest easy knowing, this box will not find itself in a landfill. Every 10,000 paper coolers shipped will keep more than 6,500 ft3 of EPS from landfills.

Quality Performance Proven to Meet Industry Standards

Just like any of our packaging solutions, we tested our thermal cooler against strenuous industry shipping standards. We couldn’t have been happier with the results. The experiment indicated the paper cooler maintained the interior temperature of the product’s shipment for the entirety of its shipping duration – proving to be a viable styrofoam alternative.

Become Sustainable with Pioneer Packaging

For over 35 years, we have been a leader in providing packaging solutions to our clients. As we’ve grown as a company so has our commitment to offering quality solutions with sustainability in mind. We’re excited to offer this thermal cooler and other sustainable alternatives to the businesses we work with. For more information on the thermal cooler and our other sustainable packaging, contact us today!

Interested in a Cooler?

If you are looking for a cooler, let us know and we’ll ship some out to you!

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