Protect Your Business’s Packaging with Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

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Product packaging faces an infinite amount of potential hazards after leaving your warehouse to the point it reaches your customer’s hands. It is always in your best interest to meet the demands of prospective customers. One of those demands is integrating sustainable packaging solutions to have a positive impact on the environment as well as your customers’ impression of you. Today, there are several eco-friendly shipping materials and packaging available that companies can utilize to protect products. 

As one of the largest custom packaging companies in Arizona, Pioneer Packaging provides cost-effective solutions that emphasize design and integrity. Here is more information about our packaging solutions. 

Packing Peanuts Become Biodegradable Shipping Materials

Once upon a time, packing peanuts were considered one of the worst materials you could use. As such, businesses were torn on the solution as it has clear advantages and disadvantages. Notably, packaging peanuts provide a cushion for fragile items during shipment, but styrofoam continues to significantly impact our environment. 

Fortunately, technology has found a way to make peanuts less impactful. Businesses who are searching for efficient biodegradable shipping materials can appreciate peanuts that naturally degrade after use. They’re made from natural, non-toxic sources, like wheat and corn starch, are designed to dissolve in water, and can even be thrown into the compost after a single-use. Overall, this form of biodegradable packaging provides excellent support during shipment. 

Say Goodbye to Harmful Styrofoam Thermal Coolers

For decades, styrofoam packaging has been a serious threat to our environment. For this reason, Pioneer Packaging set out to develop an alternative to promote eco-friendly solutions without giving up product integrity. Our sustainable thermal coolers are designed with insulative paper to keep products cool during transit. 

You may be wondering how effective these shipping materials are in comparison to traditional styrofoam packaging. Just like any of our packaging solutions, we tested our thermal coolers against strenuous industry shipping standards. We’re pleased to share that our experiment indicated Pioneer Packaging’s insulated cooler maintained the interior temperature for the full-duration of shipment. For just under $4 per box, businesses can enjoy this sustainable packaging solution.

Adopting Eco-Friendly Ecommerce Shipping Packaging

As you may well know, eCommerce is increasingly becoming a major part of our lives. With its growth comes an increase in potential packaging waste. Under those circumstances, Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) created the EcoMailer to encourage sustainable packaging practices

The EcoMailer is a lightweight paper-based mailing envelope that can be used to ship various products. Not to mention it is 100% recyclable via curbside pickup and has received certification from How2Recycle. Additionally, the EcoMailer uses 77% less packaging and 33% less air than traditional varieties.  

PDA’s innovative shipping materials have been awarded the Dow Packaging Innovation award for their stellar design.

Replace Plastic Bags with Organic Fabric Shipping Materials

Plastic is notoriously impactful on our environment. According to Waste Management, only 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling. Not to mention, their impact on our oceans and the animals that live within them. As a result, many businesses are transitioning away from plastic bags for more natural shipping materials. 

The Green Business Bureau notes a few examples, including, hemp, tapioca, palm leaves, and organic recycled cotton. Each of these biodegradable shipping materials is more efficient than single-use plastic bags. 

Adopt Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials with Pioneer Packaging

Pioneer Packaging has been engineering innovative packaging solutions for over 35 years. We work closely with various clients in a multitude of industries, like retail, medical, aerospace, and many more. We partner with them to create cutting-edge packaging that reflects the quality of their business. Contact us today and learn how we can help you.

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