Why Sustainable Packaging Is The Key To Younger Generations

A younger man shopping for alcohol looking for a sustainable bottle

As the demand to move towards more sustainable solutions increases, companies are continuing to be held accountable. Gen Z and Millennials are calling out these big corporations asking how they will implement sustainable solutions into their business models and demand transparency.

Gen Z and Millennials understand that these changes will come at a cost, however, they are willing to pay more to be eco-friendly. According to an article by Vogue Business, Gen Z would be willing to pay 50% more for an item that is sustainable, while Millennials would be willing to pay up to 33% more. Additionally, Glossy reports that 82% of Gen Z and Millennials would switch to a natural product with comparable results. While 77% would switch to a sustainable product when the product efficacy was the same.

The question is, how can companies implement these sustainable solutions into their business models and what will the benefits be?

Benefits for Eco-Friendly Companies

There are many benefits when it comes to being more environmentally conscious and sustainable. According to the Huffington Post, these are some of the top benefits for companies:

  • Improved Brand Image – Young buyers want to know if your company is being environmentally conscious and not hurting the environment.
  • People Will Want to Work For You – Workers want to work for companies that are doing their part in helping the environment.  45% of employees would be willing to take a 15% pay cut for a job that makes a social or environmental impact.
  • Better Employee Performance – Volunteering programs can produce quality leaders and better engage employees.
  • Good For the Environment – Companies can reduce waste and decrease the use of harmful chemicals. By doing so you can benefit and protect the environment.

How Different Industries Are Dealing With Sustainable Packaging

Shopify mentions how companies in the cosmetics industry are adapting to this change. Brands like Alima Pure have been testing refillable palettes for their products, so customers do not have to worry about buying a new product and just get refills instead, which significantly reduces waste. 

Shoe company All Birds uses a single-box to reduce the number of boxes needed to ship shoes. Additionally, the box is 90% post-consumer cardboard and completely recyclable. A Good Company, who makes every-day home goods, stuffs their shipping boxes with stone paper to reduce styrofoam and waste. 

Become Sustainable With Pioneer Packaging

No matter your industry, Pioneer Packaging can provide you with a wide variety of sustainable packaging solutions for your product. With more and more companies making the move and customers being more environmentally conscious, now is the time to become sustainable. Contact us today to get started.

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