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  Most consumer packaged goods are manufactured using packaging machines. The global packaging machinery market was valued at more than $39 billion in 2016 It is expected to top $62 billion by 2023. At Pioneer Packaging, we utilize the latest in machinery and automation. We are keeping a close eye on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on […]

  Most consumer packaged goods are manufactured using packaging machines. Whether they are large or small, these machines are big business. The global packaging machinery market was valued at more than $39 billion in 2016 and is expected to top $62 billion by 2023. This machinery makes most consumer packaged goods possible, because if a […]

Stand-up (inverted) pouches are have been around for a few years. In 2002, Heinz upended the packaging industry when it introduced the upside-down squeezable ketchup bottle, about 20 years after replacing glass and rigid plastic jars and bottles with plastic for condiment packaging. Now with more and more consumer products being sold in stand-up pouches, […]

At Pioneer Packaging, we keep you updated with all the latest news in the packaging industry. Right now a trending topic within the packaging industry is how companies can participate in sustainable packaging to help the environment. As we have said in our previous blogs, sustainable packaging is becoming more and more popular because consumers […]

  As an industry leader in engineering packaging solutions for clients in the industrial, retail, and moving and storage industries for more than 35 years, Pioneer Packaging Worldwide has always been committed to delivering state-of-the-art ways to provide efficient ways to tackle packaging problems in the most efficient, cost-conscious manner that is also environmentally sustainable. […]

As we wrap up the first quarter, here are five trends in packaging Pioneer is keeping an eye on for the rest of 2019. Flexibility is more important than ever. In total, the flexible packaging market – which encompasses any package or part of packaging with a shape that can be easily changed – is […]

Sustainable packaging is more than a trend or a buzzword these days. After decades of producing packaging made without much thought as to its environmental impact, companies on a global scale are developing ways to ensure the packaging they use is “greener” – catch-all terminology that encompasses environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging that avoids waste in the […]

Get a Packaging Advantage… with Lasers! Laser Die Cutting In rock, paper, scissors, laser always wins! So how can you bring a laser to the scissor fight your competitors are engaged in when it comes to packaging? Laser die cutting. Dies, which can be thought of as templates, are the backbone of many traditional manufacturing […]

Innovative packaging is critical in the wine industry, as wineries must combine attractive packaging with protective materials, appealing to customers while keeping bottles safe through the shipping and handling process. The holidays are approaching, and many people ship local wines across the country as gifts, with increased awareness regarding the environmental impacts of the packaging […]

  A product’s packaging is more than a simple box that carries the product from warehouse to store shelf. A creative packaging solution not only keeps the product protected from damage and tampering, but it also works as a marketing tool that helps customers make their final purchasing decision. Plastic and Graphics Don’t Mix Many […]

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