3 Tips for Sustainable Medical Packaging

Sustainable medical packaging

Did you know, a good way to impress your manager and get buyers to look at your medical brand differently is by incorporating as many eco-friendly practices as possible with Sustainable Medical Packaging? It’s been estimated that healthcare facilities in the U.S. generate about 14,000 tons of waste per day and up to 25% of that is plastic. Why not be a part of the change to a greener future? As one of the nation’s leading medical packaging experts, we’ve highlighted 3 ways you can use sustainable packaging to your advantage.

Sustainability Can Cut Medical Costs

The first step in becoming eco-friendly is by reducing waste and unnecessary packaging. We’ve talked about Amazon’s approach to Frustration-Free Packaging before; the same principles can be applied to the medical industry. Pioneer Packaging provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current packaging called PackFlow℠ Analysis. We identify waste in the current packaging process to optimize operations and improve the bottom line. 

Use Recyclable Packaging

Whether your packaging medical devices, tools, or pharmaceuticals, some designs can incorporate recyclable materials if it does not come in contact with hazardous substances. Pioneer Packaging can provide you with ISO 9001:2015 Certified materials. 

Lighter, Stronger, and Easier to Transport Medical Materials

With medical supplies in transit, there are modern, updated designs you can use for medical packaging that will be less expensive to ship out. This also benefits the environment because it decreases the fuel use of transportation of products from the manufacturer to the patient while saving you money on freight. 

Adopt Sustainable Medical Packaging With Pioneer

We get it, it’s not always easy to change the way packaging is done, especially at the medical manufacturing level. However, Pioneer Packaging is here as your partner to help you along the process. It may be hard to make the initial investment, but it will pay off in the long run for your profit margins and the environment. Partner with us today to change your company’s future. 

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