How to Measure the Value of Your Packaging Supplier

A forklift driver is loading a semi-trailer with pallets of boxes

With the numerous amount of packaging suppliers in this world, it becomes difficult to find a reliable company to get the job done right. Within the last five years, packaging companies have changed the game to finding intelligent consumer packaging by collaborating. Utilizing resources such as blockchain for traceability and other small and far more affordable sensors (such as RFID chips) allow companies to track everything they package in a high-tech way. 

A few questions you can ask to evaluate if your packaging company is measuring up to today’s fast-paced standards are:

  1. What other companies does my packaging company produce packaging for?
  2. What other industries does my packaging company work in?
  3. What kind of relationship do I have with my packaging company? 
  4. What unique product packaging can they produce, and are they offering me new ideas?
  5. Is my packaging company participating in the latest technology, design, and sustainable trends?

Sometimes, when working with a packaging company for a long time, it’s easy to fall into a pattern and not reevaluate your needs. It’s important to carve out time to assess if there is anything more your packaging company can do.

At Pioneer Packaging, we want to make sure all your packaging needs are being met. With our 

PackFlow℠ Analysis, we can uncover ways your packaging could be more efficient and show you some innovative solutions to your product packaging. Contact us today to learn more about how you can gauge your packaging company and evaluate your packaging needs.

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