What Is Frustration-Free Packaging in 2021?

A supply of boxes that will be used for frustration-free packaging

With e-commerce sales increasing year-after-year more focus is being placed on the packaging of these items. The main priority is to keep all packages safe, fresh, and without any damage inflicted to the contents inside. But recently more of an effort has been made towards a simpler way to packaging materials. This includes less packaging over-all along with more sustainable packaging solutions that will help the environment. So what exactly is frustration-free packaging? What are the benefits of this packaging method not only for companies but also for consumers? And in what ways is this type of packaging helping the environment?

Frustration-Free Packaging

In simple terms, frustration-free packaging is packaging that does not require shipping preparation or an over box to be applied as Packaging Digest explains it. This packaging program has been implemented by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Urging companies to abide by their shipping and handling rules since 2019, in hopes of reducing excess packaging.


Reduce packaging costs

One of the main reasons for frustration-free packaging is to reduce the amount of packaging each product is shipped in. By cutting out any extra packaging, companies can reduce packaging costs as they will be using fewer products. There can be  savings up to 50% or more in material usage according to Hasbro’s packaging engineer, Jacquie Patterson.

Lower shipping and transportation costs

By being able to fit items into smaller packages, companies will also be able to decrease not only transportation costs but also reduce the time it takes to get the product to the consumer. As more companies optimize their packaging this will translate to more items being shipped faster and in larger quantities. 

Better for the environment

Over-packaging is a huge problem within the e-commerce industry. With products being wrapped and stuffed into unnecessary and over the top packaging that just ends up in landfills instead of the recycling bin. Frustration-free packaging hopes to reduce the amount of excess and therefore lower the amount of waste that harms the environment. 

Additionally, with Amazon’s frustration-free packaging program, they have eliminated more than 900,000 tons of packaging material since 2015. This helps ensure that all products sold through Amazon come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Not only will complying with the frustration-free packaging program save companies in fee’s applied by Amazon, but they will also improve their brand image within younger generations. As sustainable packaging is a key buying factor when it comes to both Millennials and Gen Z.

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