Winning Wine Packaging

Three wine bottles with red wax formed on the bottle necks

Joe Wagner, fifth-generation Napa Valley winemaker, sealed his deal to sell his Meiomi brand to Constellation Wines for $315 million. Wagner, in Wines and Vines Magazine, describes his single-vineyard Pinot Noir label, Belle Glos, as a massive success in no small part due to the distinctively, instantly recognizable packaging. Wagner speaks on what he looks for in wine packaging:

Make the packaging something special, possibly exclusive, and maybe, not quite traditional.

Make the packaging one-of-a-kind.

While exclusivity can be a selling point and varying from tradition could boost sales, be aware that wine buyers also appreciate and are accustomed to the standard shapes so, take caution in deviating too far away from traditional standards.

Pioneer Packaging offers a vast array of innovative and customized wine packaging solutions. We have molded-fiber shippers which are environmentally friendly, customizable wine totes, gift boxes, bags, case-pack trays, foam shippers, customizable wooden boxes, and more to satisfy any packaging need.

Pioneer Packaging specializes in customizable wine packaging that will help increase the visibility of your products. You may choose from a variety of custom-printed wooden boxes, tissue, bags, and totes. Pioneer Packaging has an exceptional design team that can create the look and feel of your brand and products.

Help us create distinctive, instantly recognizable packaging for you. At Pioneer Packaging we are here for you. Contact us today–we’ve got you covered.

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