How to Win Over Millennials Through Packaging

A series of different spirits and wines are lined up side by side

Make way for the millennials! The millennial generation has surpassed the Baby Boomer generation in numbers, making them the largest segment of consumers. There are hundreds of articles on how consumers preferences differ between each generation. With that being said, millennials look for specific aspects of packaging that peak their unique interests. Here are a few trends to stay on top of if your business is trying to win over millennials.

Customizable Packaging
There is no better way to differentiate your packaging from competitors than through customizable packaging. With using attractive designs, personalized fonts, and engaging imagery, millennials will be more drawn to the packaging of your company’s products. Customizable packaging will make your brand more easily recognizable amongst consumers, thus building a distinguishable brand image.

Experiential Packaging
Millennials have been proven to spend more money on experiences than material goods. Making your packaging more of an “experience” by adding branded hashtags allows for consumers to connect with your company’s brand through social media platforms. The unboxing experience is also very important to millennials since they have been expecting this package. Using “surprise and delight” tactics, like giving a coupon or extra gift, can enhance the unboxing experience of a package and build a favorable relationship amongst millennial consumers.

Sustainable Packaging
The younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z are known to be more environmentally conscious than previous generations. Their focus and commitment to sustainability efforts do translate over to their perceptions of companies and packaging. By reducing materials used, being more energy efficient, and encouraging recycling efforts, the packaging your company uses does have an impact on Millennials purchasing decisions.

Here at Pioneer Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging services for your company to take advantage of. From customizable packaging to sustainable packaging, we understand how to succeed amongst the proper consumer segment that your company is trying to target. Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

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