Why Location is Key in Packaging

An interior shot of a warehouse facility with the caption "Why location is key in packaging"

The end goal of your packaging experience is to ensure that your products are getting packaged efficiently and get where they need to go. There are many reasons why location is important when choosing a packaging center for your products and packaging.

Transportation –

Shipping your products at long distances can get pricey. By having a packing center close to your customer base will lower your outbound transportation costs. 

Storage Requirements –

The type of environment your product needs to be stored in differs by the material your product is made of. It is important to find a location that will handle your product’s needs accordingly to keep them safe and ready for shipment. 

The Economy –

The economy may have an effect on factors such as the resources and cost of land, which is why it is important to consider the economy where your distribution center is.

Searching for the perfect location for your packaging distribution center?

Pioneer Phoenix is a premier location for the transportation of goods. We have access to all parts of the West Coast and more. For over 35 years, we have been leaders in innovative packaging and committed to providing cutting edge packaging for our customers that reflects the quality of their business. Interested in learning more about our locations and packaging solutions? Contact us today!

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