What Works with Beauty Packaging Designs and Why?

beauty packaging

The first thing customers see when they walk into Sephora and scan the aisles is a plethora of beauty packaging. Rather than the product itself, the packaging is the first thing most people see when they shop, which can significantly affect the perception of the product and brand. 

A package design is even more critical in beauty, where appearances are everything. 

Beauty Packaging Trends

As beauty trends change over the years, so do beauty packaging trends. Colors, patterns, fonts, and even materials go in and out of style, and it’s essential to be updated on the latest trends if you’re in the industry. 

Here are a couple of trends that seem to be dominating:

Bold Fonts and Patterns 

Choosing a unique font on packaging can be a great way to catch customers’ attention. Of course, strong, bold fonts are eye-catchers, but what’s even more interesting is when brands create their own unique font. Having distinctive typography helps build the company’s brand but also helps make the product pop when customers stare at endless cosmetic products. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, minimalism has been trending for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Minimalism can range from aesthetically pleasing pastel designs to luxurious and mysterious black ones. Either way, they are easy to look at and can rarely go wrong. It’s difficult for a minimalist design to go out of style, so it’s a great design choice to rely on.

Unique Materials 

One thing not apparent to everyone when referring to packaging designs is the material used. Straying from the norm by using different packaging materials or using the material differently can be innovative ways to attract attention from the shelf.

There has been a tremendous shift to focus on sustainability in many industries. Using sustainable materials for beauty packaging or figuring out how to change the packaging design to be more sustainable can make the brand stand out. For example, making a beauty product refillable by changing the design of the packaging can be a deciding factor in a customer’s decision to try the product. 

Another innovative way to switch up the packaging is by making it transparent. It gives the customers a look into the product’s actual appearance and creates a figurative and literal sense of transparency. 

Making Sure to Use the Right Packaging Type 

Along with carefully choosing the material used in the packaging, it’s vital to assess what packaging would most effectively display the product. This can range from selecting the container (jars, bottles, tubes, etc.) to choosing a dispense method (pump, scoop, or pipet). 

These factors can be crucial to how the product is perceived and used. For example, if the packaging type doesn’t fit the product and doesn’t allow customers to use the product with ease, it becomes difficult to look past it. 

Although it can be highly beneficial to learn about the current trends in packaging, it’s still crucial for business owners to stick to their brand’s identity. Therefore, the best way to use this information is to find a way to work one or two of these trends into the packaging design without straying away from the brand’s style, color scheme, fonts, etc. 

Pioneer Packaging; Your Go-To Attractive Product Packaging Design

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