The Important and Positive Effect of Sustainable Packaging

Going green is not a new idea. But, it’s changing the business landscape. More and more companies are adopting sustainable packaging solutions and it’s having an incredible impact. 

Pioneer Packaging is excited to be a part of the sustainable movement, and this is what we’ve seen:

Sustainable Packaging Reduces Carbon Footprint

More consumers are beginning to care about the impact they’re having on the environment. This impact directly relates to the products they choose to buy.

Companies that adopt sustainable alternatives for their products often see more loyalty and greater interest from consumers

Reduces Unnecessary Waste

One sustainable packaging method companies are doing to reduce their environmental impact is avoiding over-packaging. Over-packaging refers to any product being covered in multiple unnecessary layers. 

Some extra layers have a purpose, but it is wise to consider if you really need them in your packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Promotes Recyclability

In case you didn’t know, food left inside any packaging is not sustainable. No peanut butter in the jar, no ketchup in the bottle, no food left behind. 

MIT recently launched their Liquiglide bottle coating which helps guide the food out of the container before you recycle it.

Pioneer Packaging is Your Sustainable Packaging Partner

At Pioneer Packaging, we fully support the use of eco-friendly packaging and the benefits they have on brands and our environment. 
Contact us today to learn how we can help move your brand forward.

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