The Impact of Cannabis Packaging on Consumer Perception and Purchasing Decisions

Cannabis packaging - CBD dropper vials

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, but so is the competition within. Companies continuously recognize the significance of packaging cannabis products and how it influences customers’ purchasing decisions.

According to a study, 30% of businesses noticed their revenues hike when they improved their packaging. Similarly, a survey by Ipsos concluded that 72% of Americans’ buying decisions get influenced by the packaging, and 81% said packaging is even more important if they’re buying products as a gift.

Through this article, we’ll understand various factors contributing to customers’ perception of cannabis packaging and whether they choose to buy it.

Brand Identity and Differentiation

Like every other industry, effective cannabis packaging is a crucial tool in establishing your brand identity and acts as a differentiator between you and your competitors. 

A study proved that almost 52% of consumers changed their product’s brand because the companies changed their original packaging design. This stat is enough to demonstrate the importance of cannabis packaging concerning your brand’s identity.

Try to come up with fresh, eye-catching design ideas to help you stand out in the crowded cannabis market. Creating visual superiority can prove to be effective in fostering brand recognition and loyalty among consumers. 

Your packaging must reflect your brand’s values, such as sustainability or quality, etcetera, communicating a sense of credibility.

Compliance and Safety

The cannabis industry is subject to multiple compliance and safety laws, including regulations concerning cannabis packaging.

Cannabis packaging must concisely include appropriate warning labels, dosage information, child-resistant features, and product details. Owing to restrictions on advertisement, and consumers’ high expectations about cannabis products, the cannabis market is full of misconceptions.

74% of consumers say they prefer buying products from transparent and honest brands. As a cannabis company, your packaging must offer the clarity the cannabis market lacks.

Quality and Product Preservation

Your cannabis packaging must acknowledge your products’ potency and potential side effects and what influences them. So, when a customer buys your products, they will know how to preserve them and use them to get the best results.

Plus, you should be careful with the packaging material you use, as they significantly impact how your product’s quality and freshness are perceived. A carefully crafted package protects cannabis products from light, moisture, and oxygen. 

Investing in product preservation extends your products’ shelf lives and builds a more consumer-centric image of your brands in the buyers’ minds.

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

As discussions around sustainable and environment-friendly products get mainstreamed, consumers’ interest in buying such products also increases.

A survey showed that almost 67% of American consumers prefer environmentally friendly packaging options like paper or cardboard. 75% of Americans get concerned about the impact of their purchases on the environment, and an overwhelming 80% of young Americans will pay more to buy eco-friendly products.

So, using recyclable or biodegradable materials for packaging elevates your chances of success in the cannabis industry. Companies that acknowledge climate change and operate using the ESG approach will likely gain a competitive edge and attract a broad customer base.

Aesthetic Appeal and Emotional Connection

Like what you see? Get it!

You must have heard this phrase often, and it’s enough to demonstrate the crucial need for aesthetic appeal in your cannabis packaging. The visuals can evoke emotions and make consumers feel a special connection with your brand.

40% of consumers say they post pictures of products with unique and branded packaging online. Now, imagine getting paid for marketing your product. 

Sleek and modern designs may attract younger consumers, while rustic or earthy may resonate with the cannabis products. Thoughtfully designed cannabis packaging can also help destigmatize cannabis products and improve perceptions among people who don’t use it.

All in all, by triggering positive emotions, you can build a loyal customer base, who posts about your product, consequently marketing it for you!


Cannabis packaging is more than a mere container. If used effectively, it can be a powerful tool that shapes consumer perception and influences purchasing decisions if used effectively.

The design, materials, and overall presentation of cannabis packaging impact brand identity, compliance, safety, information provision, product quality, sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and emotional connection. While you’re at it, don’t forget to get cannabis insurance to help you with lawsuits for misleading packaging and protect your cannabis company’s executives from reputational and financial losses.

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