Rows of water bottles with a caption that reads "Make the Switch from Traditional Packaging to Sustainable Packaging"

Make the Switch from Traditional Packaging to Sustainable Packaging

At Pioneer Packaging, we believe that sustainability initiatives such as reducing waste, re-using and recycling materials, and lowering energy consumption are the fundamental responsibilities of everyone. Fortunately for the packaging industry, there are always new innovations and inventions arising to combat the typical wasteful packaging we’re used to; and 2020 is already off to an …

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A machine is packaging product on a conveyer belt with the caption "Highlighting the latest in packaging machinery"

Machines in Packaging

  The emergence of new packaging machinery design and features are taking packaging to new heights, thanks to smart technology. Many of the advancements we’re seeing are geared towards making the space needed for packaging more condense. E-commerce and the competitiveness of same-day delivery demand logistics centers that are closer to consumers and are often in …

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A woman is opening boxes in her kitchen with the caption "Thing Outside the Box"

Think Outside the Box!

  Did you know, 63% of consumers prefer paper-based packaging because it gives the perception products are high-end? In fact, consumers like paper packaging because of its versatility, durability, and recyclability.  Recently, there has been a lot of research done by engineers to make paper packaging more durable yet still be recyclable. Manufacturers are making …

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A conveyer belt of packaged milk bottles with the caption "The Latest in Food and Beverage Packaging"

Sustainable Drink Packaging

  Pioneer Packaging Worldwide specializes in innovative packaging solutions for products across a wide range of industries. One of our healthiest sectors is the food and beverage industry. Here is the latest news from that sector. Recently, key players in food packaging gathered in Chicago for a seminar titled “Fresher, faster, tastier: How packaging innovations …

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