The Rise of Aseptic Cartons

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We all know that plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and have lasting effects on our endangered marine life. But, with a majority of companies still packaging their beverage products in plastic, it is hard to buy alternative options. However, more companies are moving towards using aseptic packaging as a substitute for plastic bottling. There is projected to be a 75% growth in aseptic cartons within the next 10 years because of the benefits of plastic bottling.

Shipping Advantages: The main reason manufacturers are switching to aseptic packaging is the advantages of shipping. When beverages are packaged in aseptic materials, they take up 50% less space than plastic bottles. Aseptic packaging maintains the sterile environment that the product was packaged in, making refrigerated shipments obsolete.   

Environmentally Friendly: Another reason to make the switch over to aseptic packaging is that it is more environmentally sustainable. Cartons typically have a 96% to a 4% ratio of product to packaging. aseptic packaging, with no glue or adhesive preventing effective recycling efforts, can be repurposed into paper towels, tissues, or paper for writing.

The Future Standard: Aseptic packaging is expected to have a 75% growth rate over the next 10 years, going from a 3% to 4.4% market share by 2028. In 2016 aseptic cartons totaled at 7.1 billion units, aseptic packages are the wave of the future.

With aseptic packaging, your company is at the forefront of packaging technology and trends. You will be able to save on shipping costs as well as reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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