Researching your options and planning for increases

A man with a clipboard is going through his warehouse inventory

In todays changing market, have you been researching your options and planning for price increases??

(PPI Pulp & Paper Week) –The big question in the North American containerboard market is whether producers will attempt and get another price increase so close to last October’s announced increase of $50 per ton. “The 1st rate hike in 3-1/2 years”

We are seeing a lot of pricing activity throughout the packaging industry in all segments. US container board volume jumped 7.2% in December from a year ago and mills were operating at 97% capacity, in addition, old corrugated containers (major component of corrugated) continues to go up in value as export volumes continue to rise.

“Both high recovery rates and high reuse of fiber are examples of the corrugated industry’s commitment to producing sustainable packaging.” – Corrugated Packaging Alliance
Domestic demand for old corrugated is very strong. Many mills are searching for inventory, supply is short and every mill around the world is concerned…. US kraft liner export prices up with further gains expected as US producers struggle to keep up with orders after fighting for business only a few months ago.

At Pioneer Packaging Worldwide, we believe in keeping our customers updated and prepared. Taking a strong look at how your packaging flows through your supply chain, and taking advantage of our experience and expertise will help you maintain a strong position in your industry.

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