Pioneer’s Signature Capture Program

A person is handing off a box to another individual

Today’s business climate is very fast-paced; customers require immediate response time with accurate, real-time data. Previously, business decisions would take days, now they are usually made in hours. In some cases, the ability to provide customers with accurate information is becoming more important than the product or service being sold.

Pioneer Packaging’s “Signature Capture” program gives the customer the ability to receive a signed proof of delivery immediately at the time of delivery. The way this works is when a delivery is made, the customer signs the electronic tablet or smartphone. The tablet displays the product quantity that is being delivered. Once the tablet is signed, a copy of the proof of delivery is emailed to the appropriate person or people involved. A proof of delivery can be emailed to the receiving department so the product can be immediately received into inventory. There is no delay in waiting for the receiving dock to turn in paperwork. Giving the customer immediate access to receive the product into inventory enables the customer to base purchasing decisions based on real-time data. At the same time, the invoice for the product can be sent. The accounts payable department receives a pod and invoice at the time of delivery.

How many times have we had a customer ask “when am I going to receive my delivery?” Only to be told the delivery has already been made. Having the ability to notify multiple individuals within an organization that a delivery has been made saves the customer time and makes them more efficient. Being able to provide information in real-time is not just the future, it is now.

Pioneer is at the forefront of making your business run more efficiently through packaging and fulfillment. Contact us today to see how we can tailor our services to fit your business needs.

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