Packaging-Free the Best Option?

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But is getting rid of packaging altogether really the way to go? Here, we’ll explore the benefits of going packaging-free, as well as discuss the importance of sustainable packaging solutions.

The Benefits of Packaging-Free

The goal is to dramatically reduce waste, as well as the production of harmful packaging materials, by ditching plastic shopping bags in the store.

No more plastic bags?  Perhaps next no more Styrofoam trays, or clamshell packages. Manufacturers can reduce costs by eliminating packaging. Customers can save money.
Consumers become more aware of their environmental impact.
Why Packaging Is Still Important

Packaging is often referred to as a necessary evil, and while getting rid of packaging certainly gets rid of the evil part, the fact remains that packaging is still necessary.

Packaging helps keeps food products fresher for longer.
Packaging protects products from damage, contamination and theft.
Packaging provides consumers with product information and nutritional data.
Packaging plays a major role in the marketing of products and brands.
With the demand for greener products and more sustainable packaging, there has also been a significant increase in the development of recyclable, renewable, compostable packaging materials. Innovative designs are also being developed to help reduce packaging waste. These advancements in the packaging industry help us maintain the benefits of effective packaging while moving forward on the path toward a greener future.

Pioneer Packaging Worldwide is committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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