Millennial motivators

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Millennials hold huge buying power in today’s market and are expected to spend more than $200 billion in 2017 alone. To successfully reach Millennials, it’s important for brands to understand what influences their purchasing. According to Forbes, more than 50% of Millennials make an effort to buy products from companies that support the causes they care about, and they’re twice as likely to care about whether or not their food is organic than any other generation. The EcoFocus survey results illustrate additional details that tie into this larger national trend:

• Millennials are leading the escape from mass-produced, over-processed, and over-packaged foods and beverages with a demand for real, less-processed ingredients. They want the preservatives and artificial ingredients out, and natural, nutrient-dense ingredients in.
• 69% of Millennials have changed what they buy to avoid artificial ingredients in foods and beverages.

Millennials aren’t just thinking about the product’s contents, they are also differentiating packaging for improved personal and planetary health.

• 73% say they try to buy products in packaging that is recyclable.
• 59% say they look for beverages in packaging that is made with renewable materials.

Clean packaging momentum
The new EcoFocus Study results show the strong clean-labeling movement is expanding to clean processing and clean packaging trends. As a recent Prepared Foods article highlights, the rules have been rewritten, and clean and clear labeling is the new global standard, extending to a more holistic demand for a clean supply chain. These demands apply to packaging as brands are expanding their transparency on all fronts—from supply chain details to their packaging choices.

The EcoFocus study shows:

• 70% of grocery shoppers and 74% of Millennials strongly agree or agree that foods and beverages with healthier ingredient lists should use packaging materials that are healthier too.
• With the demand for healthier packaging materials, it’s important to keep in mind that 86% of grocery shoppers and 87% of Millennials believe some types of packaging can leave undesirable chemicals in beverages. They say cartons and glass containers are the least likely to do so, and that cartons and glass best protect freshness without preservatives.

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