Medical Packaging Considerations

Silver blister packaging with pink pills inside the plastic shells

Hospitals and clinics are dealing with decreasing budgets and pressure to reduce costs. With the strict regulations, it is crucial for merchandise to be sterile and hold the highest integrity in the medical field. Packaging medical equipment can be one of the most expensive costs for hospitals and clinics because of the rigorous requirements. It’s important that they use the most efficiently priced supplier, without giving up any quality. At Pioneer Packaging, we have years of experience in packaging medical equipment. Here are some considerations for medical packaging:

Appearance for medical packaging of products is sometimes overlooked because companies don’t think design matters. However, having packaging that is appealing and aesthetically pleasing can help you come out in front of the competition.

Materials and Sterilization
There are different options of material to choose from for various sterilization methods. It is necessary to pick a material that will let the sterilant work on the product, while not breaking down during the process. It’s always a good idea to run tests to see if the materials work well with your chosen sterilization process.

Here at Pioneer, we have packaging solutions for medical packaging that are cost-effective and retain the highest quality. We produce all different types of sterile barrier pouch systems, as well as custom medical trays, lid products, and other pharmaceutical products. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to increase productivity in the medical manufacturing environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about medical packaging.

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