Is It Time To Refresh Your Branded Packaging?

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Redesigning your packaging takes a lot of time and resources, but it’s a necessary step to continued success. Your product’s packaging plays a key role in your sales strategy by enticing customers to purchase. Branded packaging allows you to stand out amongst the competition. 

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, up to 40% of shoppers will change their mind on purchasing a product due to what they see and learn from the product. That is why it is important to update your packaging to pique market interests. 

It’s perfectly understandable to be concerned with branded packaging redesigns. However, if your company isn’t reaching its sales goals you need to make the appropriate changes to appeal to your market. That is why we’ve compiled a list of ways you can seamlessly upgrade your branded packaging strategy.

Reevaluate Your Brand Strategy 

Brand Packaging should provide consumers with insight into what a product is all about. When design and packaging work together, brands can be elevated from a simple product on a shelf to a representation of the customer’s lifestyle, such as Nike, Apple, and Beats by Dre. By implementing current trends into your packaging, your target audience will be more likely to connect with your brand and continue with future purchases of your products.

Trends to Consider For Your Branded Packaging

Staying up-to-date on every trend is extremely difficult, but it is necessary to stay on top of the big ones. For example, sustainability is a growing concern for young consumers. If your brand is trying to appear modern and unique compared to similar products, using reusable packaging may attract young environmentally-conscious consumers.

With more people purchasing products online, companies are putting their efforts into a unique unboxing experience. Many people dismiss the unboxing fad, but the growth of ecommerce has made it almost necessary for brands to create unique experiences they wouldn’t have when shopping in-person. A well-executed unboxing experience will make a great impression on the consumer and may increase the perceived value of a brand’s product. 

Execute a Shipping Strategy in Your Branded Packaging

As we’ve mentioned, online shopping is becoming the new norm in society and it’s vital for brands to adapt to it. To form an efficient shipping and handling model you must consider your business’s capabilities, resources, geographic constraints, and type of products sold. It’s also important to calculate shipping costs when determining the delivery time and if your company should factor it into the product cost. With many companies offering free shipping in their transactions, it’s also important to find ways to incorporate it into your shipping strategy to better compete. 

Pioneer Packaging Can Refresh Your Branded Packaging

Updating your packaging to appeal to current market trends can be a difficult task. At Pioneer Packaging, we are experts in providing creative solutions and designs to help your product stand out. Contact us today to learn what Pioneer can do for you!

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