The Importance of Custom Dog Treat Packaging

Dog Treat Packaging

If you’ve been a pet owner for a while, you may remember a time when the packaging for pet food or dog treat packaging relied on cute images. According to Packaging Digest, there was no differentiation between brands, and they certainly did not contain any information about their products. But, that’s changed now that consumers are taking more consideration into what their pets are eating. That’s why we highlighted a few areas to consider in one’s pet food packaging or dog treat packaging.

The Psychology of Dog Treat Packaging

Studies have been conducted to determine what motivates dog owners to select the products they buy for their pets. According to their research, people are humanizing their pets by looking for high-quality nutritional foods that benefit their health.

As a result, pet food companies are incorporating ingredients and nutritional facts into their packaging design.  

Dog Treat Packaging

With pet food buyers becoming more cautious about what they feed their animals. Companies are using several different methods to attract customers with their packaging, which includes:

  • Flexible pouches
  • Protective packaging
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Window boxes

Not to mention more eco-friendly and lighter containers, as these consumers tend to pay more for sustainable packaging and convenience features.

Thermal Cooler Packaging to Secure Freshness

In addition to incorporating more information about their products, brands are now selling items that must be refrigerated. Many consumers purchase refrigerated pet food or treats because of its fresh, more natural feel than the dried varieties. 

Because of this, companies are enlisting in thermal coolers to store, ship, and house these sensitive products. However, this form of packaging is typically bad for the environment, as they utilize styrofoam to keep the product’s temperature low.  

Recently, Pioneer Packaging has launched a new line of thermal cooling containers with sustainability in mind. With insulative paper and other eco-friendly materials, our thermal coolers were tested against traditional ones, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The paper cooler maintained the interior temperature for the entire duration of the product’s shipment – proving to be a viable alternative to traditional styrofoam varieties.

Our thermal packaging can benefit those looking to ship sensitive pet products, such as pet food, pet vaccines, and other medications. 

Pioneer Packaging Designs Solutions for Pet Companies

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the leader in supplying several packaging solutions designed with our client’s needs in mind. Contact us today to learn how Pioneer can help you with your packaging design.

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