Disruptive Technology, Taking Plastics back into Oil

A small 3D printing machine sitting on top of a small table

An Ohio-based energy company, Vadxx, has the technology to convert recyclable and non-recylable plastics, among many other materials, back into the crude oil from which they were created. The plant is located in Akron, Ohio. The process of turning plastics back into oil is called thermal depolymerization, and works for such feedstocks as scrap tires, synthetic fibers, waste oil, e-wastes, auto fluff and more. As long as the material contains oil, it can be made back into oil. Using disruptive technology Vadxx is definitely making a difference.

The ability to create oil from oil-based products, such as used plastic packaging, can have significant impact on the health and future of the environment. By using this disruptive technology we continue to search outside our comfort zone to make changes for the better in our world. With plastic bottles and other oil-based packaging materials building up in landfills, littering the oceans and releasing toxins into the earth, there has come a serious need to reduce plastic waste. Turning plastic waste back into oil not only reduces waste, it can also help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce the costs associated with oil-based products.

Each Vadxx facility is expected to convert 40,000,000 pounds of waste plastic each year into 4,000,000 gallons of EcoFuel™. No hazardous byproducts are created from this process.

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