Digital Printing for Holidays: Limited-Edition Packaging Excites Customers

A holiday limited-edition packaging full of Christmas cookies

The holiday season is upon us, which means people are scrambling to purchase their holiday items. Whether it be food to fill their dinner tables or gifts to give their family and friends; it’s the time where people are at their most spendy. This also means it’s a highly competitive time for companies to attract customers to their products. One way they do this is by launching limited-edition packaging related to the holiday season. But how exactly does this packaging solution work and how can it excite customers to purchase your goods?

Pioneer Packaging has been an industry leader in packaging solutions for over 35 years. But, we’re more than just packaging designers and consultants; we’re your partner that drives your increase in ROI. We’ve helped countless clients with their packaging needs and are capable of transitioning your traditional packaging to a more limited-edition packaging variant. Read our blog post below to learn how.

What Exactly is Limited-Edition Packaging?

While it sounds super exclusive, limited-edition packaging primarily involves short runs for products and packaging. This is rather routine for many companies as every year most businesses try to attract consumers by changing up their packaging designs to be more in the holiday spirit. From a marketing standpoint, it’s an incredible way for brands to relate to their audience and creates many opportunities to engage their consumer base. 

Digital Printing is the Perfect Match for Limited-Edition Packaging

Digital printing is a revolutionary solution for packaging design as it allows a lot of opportunities for brands to make something truly unique. It provides a wide range of benefits for companies, such as:

  • Saving Money on Small Runs: While printing plates are cost-effective for larger print runs, they’re not entirely money-savvy during short runs. However, digital printing does not require print plates and significantly reduces the cost of your packaging while providing lots of flexibility.
  • Personalized Packaging: Another advantage to adopting a digital printing method for your limited-edition packaging is personalization options. People get excited when they see something that’s uniquely theirs. Personalized packaging is a great way to show products are one-of-a-kind.
  • Bring Out the Color: The holidays are full of bright colors and cheer, why shouldn’t your packaging be too? Digital printing can produce a wide range of colors at a much more affordable rate than traditional printing methods.

There’s Always Room to be Sustainable in Your Packaging

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household waste increases by more than 25% from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in the U.S. This is a result of the holiday food, shopping bags, gift wrapping, packaging, and paper that’s thrown away. Companies can reduce the amount of waste their products create simply by moving their packaging to be more environmentally friendly. 

Fortunately, digitally printed packaging is more sustainable than traditional printing methods. This is because digital packaging provides opportunities for shorter runs and less wastage, providing efficiency and fast turnaround times. Additionally, digital printers close to their clients minimize transport emissions resulting in less harmful gases affecting our environment. 

Additionally, adopting other sustainable alternatives can help reduce your impact even more! 

Holiday Packaging Boosts Consumer Engagement

When your packaging is visually appealing, your consumer base will take notice. Holidays provide many opportunities for brands to create something that is truly unique and resonates with the consumer. We’re living in an age where people are glued to their phones and don’t hesitate to share things that spark their interest. It’s not uncommon for people to share images of packaging that excites them, so why not aim for that? 

It brings a new level of word-of-mouth towards your product and will help attract people to your brand because it’s deemed interesting. Moreover, adding in engagement activities through your limited-edition packaging, such as QR codes and other activation activities, can help customers relate to your company. 

Pioneer Packaging Offers Digital Printing for Your Limited-Edition Packaging

For more than 35 years, Pioneer Packaging have been experts in effective packaging solutions. We incorporate creative designs that emphasize attractiveness and functionality to ensure your product withstands transit and appeals to the consumer. Whether you’re looking for sustainable packaging solutions or digital printing for your holiday packaging, we’re the go-to for quality services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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