Digital Print Packaging and Its Future in E-Commerce

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At Pioneer Packaging, we offer a range of packaging solutions designed to get results. Our digital print packaging services provide clients with a sleek, beautiful product to enhance our client’s image and market share. But, do digitally printed packages hold up in today’s e-commerce world? What does the future entail for this excellent packaging and what will it mean for your business? Read our article to learn about what we may see.

What is Digital Print Packaging?

Digital printing is a contactless print process that transfers an image to a printing press via a computer. Traditional packaging solutions can take a significant amount of time to set up to print, impacting one’s time and expenses. Digital printing has shown to reduce the amount of time and cost needed to manufacture designs. Additionally, it leaves no room for errors, defects, and waste, by maintaining consistent quality throughout production. 

Moreover, it grants you the ability to create packaging in accordance with small and medium product runs. An excellent choice if you’re looking to create packaging that correlates with a holiday or limited-time promotions. 

The Relationship Between Digital Packaging and E-Commerce

Not only are people shopping in-store, but they’re shopping online more than ever. According to 99 Firms, e-commerce totaled over $4.2 trillion in 2020 and is expected to continue its growth. While they may not be physically touching or seeing the product in person, packaging matters more than ever.

In today’s global market, businesses must incorporate several strategies to attract and retain customers. Packaging is just one of those areas that can catch the eye of a target audience. While the shelf the product stands on may be confined by a small picture, well-executed packaging can leave a positive impression on delivery day.

Digital Print Packaging Creates a Memorable Unboxing Experience

While online shoppers may not be browsing an aisle or touching and feeling products in-person, there are still opportunities for engagement. In fact, Digital print packaging has a unique way of enthralling consumers with unique unboxing experiences. 

Think about this: would you rather open a generic cardboard box or an attractive package that looks like it’s designed with you in mind? Creating a package that is tailor-made to excite and delight online shoppers is vital in attracting and retaining customers. Look at the highly competitive cosmetics industry and how brands are incorporating new design elements to stand out in the online marketplace. Digital print packaging is just one solution that creates a rich, high-quality product that connects with audiences. 

Digital Packaging Equipment Continues to Evolve

Like the e-commerce industry itself, digital print packaging continues to evolve to provide higher-caliber products. Packaging Digest recently interviewed industry leaders on technology advancements that are impacting digital packaging operations, such as: 

  • State-of-the-art toner technology that creates vibrant colors on packages
  • Improved press capabilities that allow the use of more media types
  • The capability of printing on compostable and recycle packages
  • New capabilities to ensure food and pharmaceutical packaging safety
  • Software and hardware improvements to reduce waste during production

This is only a fraction of the advancements being made in digital packaging equipment. When it comes to e-commerce, it’s important that manufacturers keep their equipment up-to-date to ensure clients’ needs are met. The better digital printing presses become, the better they will be in packaging e-commerce products.

Pioneer Packaging Are Experts in Digital Print Packaging

Pioneer Packaging has been engineering innovative packaging solutions for over 35 years. Digital packaging is a tremendous asset to our company and we expect it to be a highly sought-after solution in today’s e-commerce market. It creates a high-quality package that attracts customers, online and in-person. Contact us today to learn more about our digital capabilities. 

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