Blister Packaging Benefits in the Healthcare Industry

Blister Packaging

Packaging in the healthcare industry requires more consideration and strategy in the details than most other industries. Blister packaging is one of those beneficial innovations used for medical purposes. While you may be familiar with the general term, it’s good to understand the many benefits blister packaging offers. 

Packaging-related lawsuits have been filed not just with neglectful food packaging, but especially in the medical industry. The negligence and lack of preserving the quality and integrity of medications in packaging is a real issue. Thankfully, blister packaging has proven helpful in this area.

Keep reading to find out what makes blister packaging unique, some of its most important characteristics, and why it’s so heavily relied on in the medical industry.

Benefits of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is highly beneficial for many reasons. Below is a list of why so many healthcare industries rely on blister packaging for reliable packaging.

Safe – From a packaging perspective, blister packaging is a safe method of packaging. The items inside are each protected and secured from other packaging materials while in transport and stocking.

Convenient – Blister packaging is convenient when dispensing prescription medication. They are easy to transport and store with its slim and narrow packaging design. They are also convenient for patients who travel with and carry the exact amount of what they need to take as prescribed by their physician.

Less Errors – This type of specialized packaging decreases the likelihood of medication-related errors. With each tablet individually wrapped, taking the correct number for dosage specifications is possible. Medication in blister packs is neatly organized and displayed for patients to take the exact amount necessary. It is also easier to keep track and see if any doses were missed. 

Helps Patients Follow Prescription – Clinicians often find blister packaging more effective, as it offers the greatest peace of mind that instructions are easily followed and the exact amounts of doses taken by their patients. When patients are adhering to the instructions of their prescription, this avoids problems associated with less clear packaging methods.

Preserved Integrity – Medication individually protected in blister packs preserves the quality of each tablet without bumping against other tablets and breaking down in quality with powder residue and handling multiple tablets at once.

Less Exposure to External Elements – Unlike medications in bulk bottles, blister packaging allows medication to remain sterile and sealed from any air pollution or other external elements that could damage the quality and integrity of the potency of ingredients. The risk of dropping and spilling a bottle of medication is eliminated when you have each medication fully protected and wrapped in blister packaging. Should it fall on the floor, all medication is preserved and not contaminated.

Reduced Chance of Cross Contamination – Handling multiple tablets or pills at once, as is the case with prescription bottles, transfers germs from your hands to the medication each time and this mixing with other tablets is not best when administering or ingesting medicine. Blister packaging keeps each tablet or pill free from the threat of cross contamination.

More Hygienic Dispensing – There’s no fumbling with tablets or pills dispensed from blister packs. Medication can be distributed directly into the mouth or into a sterile container for distribution. 

Blister packaging is truly the ideal solution for many reasons. The healthcare industry often relies on this type to ensure all of the above mentioned benefits are experienced for the benefit of the patient and caretakers.

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