An interior shot of warehouse with a forklift moving through an isle of cardboard boxes

You have a great product that your consumers will love and cherish. That is a beautiful thing. But as exciting as you believe your latest product to be, shouldn’t some of that excitement show itself on the box? Not all companies fully understand the benefits that well executed branding can bring to their package design. Leveraging one’s packaging design represents just one of many areas where you set yourself apart from the competition.

Packaging plays a crucial role in a prospective buyer’s overall experience with any brand. A brand experience takes place on two levels—inside the box and outside the box. Too often, manufacturers concern themselves with only one of these aspects and miss out on opportunities because of it. Each of the factors below warrants thoughtful consideration:

  1. Shape & Proportions: A box’s structure and dimensions represent the first aspect of a package that grabs a prospect’s attention. Set your brand apart from the pack with a package shape that catches the customer’s eye without sacrificing any aspects of the box’s exterior visual art design.
  2. Outer Materials: Following from the thought process that interesting shapes create intrigue, the package itself should be special if you want a potential buyer to take notice of and remember your brand. Boring cardboard boxes will not do the trick. White, glossy style packaging illustrates a good, rational visual cue for the several industries (healthcare being a key one, given the associations that specific color and finish have with cleanliness).
  3. Unboxing: The make or break moment. The unboxing process is an important experience, but receives far less attention than it deserves. Moments like this should compare to opening a present for the buyer.

Has your product done anything so far to generate this kind of excitement?

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