Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

An interior shot of the inside of a packaging warehouse with the caption "Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out in Today's World"


Pioneer Packaging Worldwide is always looking for ways to make packaging stand out in today’s world, where attention spans can be short and traditional ways of doing business can be shattered without a second thought. Here are some ways companies are using creativity to “think outside of the box”—sometimes by using the literal box in which items are packaged.

Start from the bottom up. Let’s be honest – the bottom of a package isn’t always at the top of your mind. Denver-based Rocky Mountain Foods found creative ways to engage consumers with the bottom of the packaging for its line of trail foods, using lines like, “The view from 14,000 feet brings new meaning to high definition.”  

Give consumers your best opening line. While most products use a tear strip to tell consumers to “open here,” the makers of Blu Bunny ice cream chose to build a sense of anticipation with its line, “pull slowly, drumroll please.”

Blow the lid off. Another ice cream maker, Chilly Cow, uses the lids of its packaging to tell a punchline to a joke or reveal a riddle. 

Follow examples that work. Coconut Bliss recently revamped its packaging for cupped frozen desserts. It now uses redesigned, sustainable paperboard-cup packaging protected by a biopolymer made from sugarcane husks. On its printed exterior, the packaging emphasizes the rich taste of the products contained within.

No matter what category your product falls in—whether it’s medical, food and beverage, cosmetic, or wine, Pioneeer Packaging Worldwide offers innovative packaging solutions that will allow your company to stand out from your competition. To learn more about our time-tested, real-world approach to meet your packaging needs, contact us today.

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