Victor Austin Spotlight

With mask shortages in the United States and other parts of the world, many businesses have not been able to provide their employees with the CDC-recommended face coverings. Our client Thermo Fisher, the world leader in serving science, was no exception. They require employees to remain sterile while working in the labs and the proper face coverings are vital for not only keeping their employees safe but for being able to complete operations. 

Thermo Fisher turned to us in their time of need, and our VP of Sales and Marketing, Victor Austin.  We partnered with Allett, a San Diego-based wallet company, and their expert seamstresses to produce 70,000 of the high-quality face coverings. The masks are constructed with an antimicrobial top fabric that includes a filter fabric behind to make them machine washable and a pinch wire sewn into the nose bridge for a secure fit.

“We understand how critical it is to maintain a sterile environment, especially when working with medical packaging,” said Victor, “The safety of our clients and proper capabilities to do their job is extremely important to us and when Thermo Fisher asked for help, we knew we had to step in and find a solution.” 

We have also handling the shipping of the masks to Thermo Fisher facilities all over the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. 

“We are dedicated to delivering the best products for our clients, and the masks are no exception. We are here for our clients and our community to do what can to ease the burden and keep everyone safe during unprecedented times.”  

We recognize Thermo Fisher may not be the only client struggling to source masks to protect their employees and is shipping masks to local companies as well. If you or your company is short on antiviral masks, can contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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