The Stratashell Trapped Blister

Pill blister packaging with pills laid outside of the packaging

A major advantage of the H-Loc Trapped Blister is the package’s versatility. With many different styles, shapes and sizes from which to choose, the H-Loc can contain nearly any product and still boast multiple advanced benefits and properties. Each style, however, has its own specific advantages, customized to fit your needs and budget.

This post will explore the H-Loc Stratashell, a trapped blister pack that combines sustainability with superior design functionality for the ultimate packaging solution. We’ll take a look at the Stratashell’s many components, piecing the package apart to examine exactly how the Stratashell boasts 100% sustainability and improved performance.

The Plastic: The Stratashell trapped blister uses 100% rPET, which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer of the polyester family. When we say rPet, we mean that the Stratashell’s plastic is made of recycled water bottles, and is a sustainable material that is recyclable with plastic bottles and other plastics.

The Paper: The chip board that contains the Stratashell’s plastic container is made of biodegradable corrugated paper products, otherwise known as cardboard, the planet’s most recycled material. The Stratashell’s main cardboard structure is 100% recycled, and its virgin material is purchased from participating sources of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The Design: The Stratashell’s high package-to-product ratio and reduced use of plastic material allows for an increased amount of graphic space – significantly more than the traditional clamshell package that utilizes an excessive all-plastic design. With the increased space comes more opportunity for bold logos, colors and images that send out the product’s message and attract customers. The Stratashell uses only soy-based and water-based inks that are fully biodegradable.

From recycled plastic to increased graphic space, the Stratashell is an effective sustainable packaging option for multiple channels.

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