Reduce Waste with Skin Packaging

Small vacuum sealed bags containing nuts and raw rice

Packaging certain foods, especially ones that can spoil fast can be rather difficult. Meat products tend to have a short shelf life and are hard to package efficiently with their abnormal shapes. Companies have found that vacuum sealing products is an easy solution to some of the challenges of food packaging. At Pioneer, we offer Skin Packaging services to vacuum seal your food products, in turn saving you money. Here are some ways you can reduce waste when using skin packaging:

Less Materials
Having a tight seal around food products reduces the amount of materials used while packaging. Traditionally, packaging irregular shapes would be loosely wrapped inefficiently and take up a lot of room while shipping. Skin Packaging uses less materials making it more sustainable and can save space on shelves.

Longer Shelf Life
Having a vacuum seal with skin packaging on your meats, cheese, or other entrees keeps out oxygen. Exposure to oxygen causes food to go bad faster. Having vacuum seals means that your food can stay fresher for a longer period of time, guaranteeing a longer shelf life. There will be less product spoilage and throwing out unsold goods. Skin packaging also prevents freezer burn to frozen products which is also a sign of aging.

More Savings
Skin Packaging will be more cost efficient due to having a longer shelf life and using less materials. It is also more affordable than traditional food packaging. You will see a large amount of savings overtime factoring in all the different variables when choosing to vacuum seal your food products.

While food packaging can be difficult, Pioneer has solutions for your company to make it easier. We want to make sure your business is getting the most for its money while being sustainable. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the benefits of Skin Packaging.

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