Recycling Programs Focus on Pet Food Packaging

pet food packaging

Each year in the U.S., pet food packaging is estimated to produce nearly 300 million pounds of plastic waste. An astonishing number of the materials used in the pet food industry are either non-recyclable or difficult to recycle. 

While it may be more convenient for pet owners to have resealable, durable plastic packaging when on the go, it’s quickly piling in our landfills. Pet food and treats are considered overly dependent on plastic materials and therefore are challenged to become more sustainable.

How can we help with their steps toward sustainability?

One way is through a sustainable pet food packaging program that focuses on reducing these statistics to reflect a more environmentally-friendly approach within the industry. 

Let’s dive into the details.

The Flex Forward Program and Pet Food Packaging

The Flex Forward program, initiated by Earth Animal and the Pet Sustainability Coalition, explicitly aims to reduce plastic use in pet food product packaging. By implementing recycling technologies and sustainable Packaging, Flex Forward sought pet owner participation to bring its ideas to fruition. 

Pet owners were encouraged to return their used plastic pet food bags in collection bins at local retailers, which resulted in over eight thousand pounds of returned Packaging. In doing so, Flex Forward can transform plastic Packaging into pellets used in dog bowls or bedding stuffing. These are then donated to local animal shelters. 

Many businesses across the country are signed up to collect pet food and treat Packaging in-store. This sustainability initiative has successfully redirected items that would otherwise end up in landfills. In addition, the vision of repurposing plastic Packaging into items pets will benefit from is massive support for local area shelters. 

What is the Pet Sustainability Coalition?

The Pet Sustainability Coalition is dedicated to transforming the pet industry into more sustainable through strategic initiatives like the Flex Forward program. They host numerous educational events to spark ongoing interest and form partnerships within these communities. In addition, their Packaging Pledge seeks significant sustainability growth by 2025 through pet companies’ pledges to use 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging materials.

Collaboration is an essential aspect of the coalition as they bring together industry leaders from across the spectrum of sustainability and pet food suppliers, manufacturers, and more.

More Ways Pet Owners Support Pet Food Packaging Sustainability

While pet food and treat packaging sustainability programs are on the rise, pet owners are always encouraged to consider additional ways to reduce their reliance on plastics. 

Some of these renewable ideas are:

  • Opt for bulk pet food purchases
  • Set limits to the amount of food and treats you give your pet to make the products last longer and avoid frequent purchasing
  • If a non-plastic alternative exists for the pet food product you want, then consider buying it
  • Make your pet treats and store them in non-plastic, reusable containers
  • Be creative when seeking alternative protein sources 

Packaging sustainability is something we all can contribute to. When you look around your home and consider your purchasing habits, you’ll likely find numerous opportunities to reduce plastic use and help protect our planet.

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