Preserving Food Quality When Packaging Items During the Summer Heat

The high summer temperatures are a challenge when preserving food. To maintain quality and freshness food items need to be properly packaged and distributed. Trying not to compromise product quality is essential and takes careful planning and detailed consideration. 

Temperature-sensitive packaging will help prevent product loss and maintain the reputation of the quality food items you offer. Packaging ice cream, chocolate, meats, dairy products, and other perishable items is best done with the following smart product packaging tips.

Proper Seals and Labels

The right seals and proper labeling is a must. Seals should be tight and cover all major areas of the product. Seals on any additional packaging such as bubble wrap or styrofoam should always be tight to keep items from moving or being exposed to the environment. Avoiding all unnecessary exposure is the idea here. 

Additionally, labels should include the best wording to communicate the perishable nature of the products. You may choose to include temperature requirements on the boxes and labels. Also, consider including “time-sensitive” in large or bold lettering with all labels, even in temperature-controlled delivery systems.

Preserving Food with Insulated Product Packaging

Some insulating materials work better than others for beating the heat and maintaining an ideal temperature. Styrofoam is a popular choice when considering insulation options that are lightweight and easy to keep things cool. If food items can be broken down and packed in smaller sizes, this can help with packaging and maintaining the quality after delivery. If you decide to use corrugated boxes, make sure they have no dents or holes that would allow outside air temperatures inside.

Some Items Should Ship Frozen or with Cold Packs

Certain food items are best preserved when packaged and shipped frozen or with cold packs included. Here are some general recommendations for keeping the following food items fresh:

  • Cakes and Pastries – Ship Frozen and Use Containers That Will Not Collapse on Top
  • Chocolate – Needs to Remain Cold with Cold Packs or Similar Materials
  • Meat – Ship While Frozen for Most Meat Products Unless Meats are More Expensive and Require a Chilled Temperature to Preserve Flavor and Texture
  • Seafood – Keep Cold Using Cold Packs with Some Items Protected Individually
  • Organics and Unpasteurized – Need to Remain Cold at All Times

You should always check temperature recommendations that coincide with health and safety standards.

On-time delivery

Delivery schedules should be confirmed for timely delivery without miscommunication on dates, times, or drop-off locations. It is also helpful when you control the time of shipment. Delivering perishable food items during the coolest part of the day or night, if possible, is best. Expedited or rushed delivery is also an excellent way to prevent unnecessary transit time.

Although the hot summer temperatures pose a challenge for preserving food quality and reducing product loss, it is possible to avoid this when prepared. The time and effort will pay off when you’ve avoided costly product compromises. 

Sustainable Thermal Cooler For Preserving Food

Insulated packaging is essential to the conversation of preserving food quality. For decades, expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers have been the most commonly used insulated packaging in the food industry. However, this type of packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle. Pioneer Packaging constructed a thermal cooler that is highly insulative to maintain food quality, but it also promotes sustainable responsibility.

Pioneer Packaging Custom Designs Product Packaging

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for designing product packaging that sells. Our creative designers work closely with you to ensure your brand is recognized for quality in packaging design and materials. 
So whether you’re looking to protect your perishable food items or need help choosing the best way to package and deliver your items, we can help. We strive to keep costs down as much as possible to help our customers keep their brands moving along production lines.  Contact Pioneer Packaging today and learn why we’re a leader in packaging innovation.

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