Popular Brands and Sustainable Packaging

A grocery store shelf stocked with different brands of yogurt

Every day, consumers buy their morning cup of coffee, stop at the grocery store for dinner ingredients, eat dessert with their families in front of the TV. In today’s eco-conscious market, most consumers are also aware of the environmental impact of their food choices. Favorite brand names like Starbucks, Bertolli and Ben & Jerry’s continue to respond with sustainable packaging solutions that make it easier for consumers to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Starbucks coffee. Buying and tossing a disposable cup of coffee every day can play a significant role in the increase of paper waste. Yet many people cannot go without it. Coffee giant Starbucks continues encouraging customers to use reusable cups in order to reduce the company’s and coffee drinkers’ environmental impact.

Bertolli pasta sauce. Every food item tossed into the grocery shopping cart is another package that cost money, energy and valuable materials to get there. With this in mind, Bertolli replaced its glass pasta jars with stand-up pouches. The pouches take up less space in the shipping process and on the retail shelf, and are made with 70% less material than traditional glass jars.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Now, consumers can be sure their favorite ice cream flavors are packed in sustainable materials. In addition to using cage-free eggs, Fair Trade-certified ingredients and responsibly-sourced dairy, Ben & Jerry’s is creating its new ice cream containers with pulp certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Sourcing packaging from sustainably managed forests has helped the company reduce waste by 1,000 tons per year.

Pioneer Packaging provides packaging solutions, including recycled corrugated cardboard, recycled plastics and sustainable loose fill packaging, to businesses that want to join the fight for a greener future. Contact us today to learn more.

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