Pioneer’s Innovative Extranet: Packaging Made Simple

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We understand how frustrating making countless phone calls, and emails can be when trying to fulfill your packaging needs. That’s why we decided to do something about it. We created our very own Extranet platform for maximum convenience — and if we say so ourselves, it’s pretty cool!

With our innovative online ordering system, you can simplify your packaging needs and streamline your ordering process. Here are just some of the many benefits of using Pioneer Packaging’s Extranet platform:

24/7 Online Ordering

Feeling rushed to fit orders into your hectic schedule? With the Extranet platform, those days are gone! You can place your order whenever it works best for you — whether in the morning over a cup of coffee, at night once the kids pass out, or in those bleary-eyed hours of the early morning; it’s available 24/7! Forget waiting around for office hours – when you need to place and track an order, our system makes it easy to place and do so from wherever you may be. Now if only all life problems could get sorted as quickly and easily!

View and Obtain Invoices, Payment History, and Account Status

No more waiting for answers to emails and phone calls – our platform immediately gives you access to all your billing info! Your invoice copies, payment history, and account status – you’ll have it all with just the click of a button. Instant access has never been easier! The feeling of organization and control is in your hands. You’ve got this in the bag.

Real-Time Inventory, ETAs, and PODs

Our system provide visibility into what is on our floor at all times. You can quickly see at a glance what we have AND even what we have coming in and when. Worried you won’t get the goods? With our Proof of Delivery feature, you can rest easy. Track and verify if your shipment was delivered and who and when it was signed for.  Easier tracking means more peace of mind. So why bother when you can quickly stay informed about your order’s status? Easily look up delivery updates while sky diving, bungee jumping – whatever makes you feel free.

Optional Automated Order Approval Process

Need help keeping up with the thousands of orders coming your way? We’ve got you covered! Our platform includes an automated order approval process that ensures all your orders get approved and processed quickly. No more waiting around – after all, time is money! So, no matter how hectic things get, you can count on this feature to save you time and improve the way orders are managed.

Blanket PO Quantities

Struggling to stay on top of your inventory needs? Don’t worry; our platform has got your back! See exactly what’s available, used, and if you need to get more product on order. This nifty tool gives you a crystal-clear picture of how much stock is at your fingertips.

Multiple Blanket PO’s Visibility

Want better visibility across all your blanket POs? We’ve got you covered. Our platform was specially designed to give you a generous view into all your POs with no blind spots! This benefit not only makes tracking inventory simpler but forecasting packaging needs is a cinch, making life in the supply chain easy. So don’t worry about missing out on vital parts of the equation — your feel-good measures of success are built into our great features!

Pioneer Packaging; Your Advocate for Success!

With the benefits of Pioneer Packaging’s Extranet platform, it’s no wonder that we are one of the few packaging companies that can offer a robust online ordering service. Our platform simplifies the procurement process and enhances the customer experience.

How did we gain an edge over other packaging companies? Sleek, surefire success – that’s what Pioneer Packaging’s Extranet platform brings to the table. It streamlines the procurement process and takes customer experience to the next level! After taking this fantastic system for a test drive, there will be no wonder why customers chose to stick around! 

We’re pretty good at packaging – after all, we’ve had over 35 years of experience with happy and successful clients. But we really pride ourselves on delivering unmatched service to our partners. We understand the importance of convenience, efficiency, and usability, and we have designed our Extranet platform specifically to meet these needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Pioneer Packaging today to learn more about the Extranet and start experiencing the platform’s benefits for yourself! | | 800.279.7225

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