Why Paper Carton Sealing Tape Is More Sustainable

Packaging equipment that rolls out paper from it's cylinders

Most people consider this question when it comes to the big packaging issues, such as shipping containers and product displays. But what about the details, like carton sealing tape? With all those containers to seal, packing tape can add up and contribute to the packaging versus the environment issue. Here, we’ll explore why paper carton sealing tape is more sustainable than traditional plastic tape.

Recycle. Since only certain types of plastics can be recycled, and not all recycling centers accept certain types of plastic, paper is the more recyclable choice when it comes to packaging. Boxes that use plastic tape for sealing must often be “stripped” in order to be recycled properly. Using paper tape eliminates this extra step, increasing the likelihood that boxes and tape will be recycled.
Waste Less. Paper tape often has a wider design that traditional plastic tape, making it easier to capture a container’s major flaps with a single piece of tape. In contrast, plastic tape is often more narrow, leading many people to use excess tape in order to effectively seal shipping containers.
Automate. When using dispensers for plastic tape, it can be difficult to measure the appropriate amount of tape to seal a box. With automatic length dispensers for paper tape, manual packers can seal boxes more quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity while reducing waste.
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