Packaging Trends: What Will 2019 Bring?

Flat cardboard boxes that have sections etched out of the fiber

A new year invariably brings fresh challenges for any industry. It’s a chance for reflection, to look back on the previous 12 months with an unbiased eye, to assess what went wrong and, more importantly, what went right. It’s also an opportune time to dust off the crystal ball and make educated predictions of what the coming year will bring. At Pioneer, we’ve assembled the packaging industry trends we think you should keep an eye on in the coming year.

One word: Minimal. While it’s by no means a new revelation, the idea of minimalist packaging has gained gravitas over the past few years and in 2019, we think it’s only going to grow. Companies will be sticking with the basics in the coming year: eschewing wordy labels and the overuse of graphic treatments. By definition, minimalism celebrates brevity, clarity and the smart use of white space to cut down on clutter and enhance retail impact. Whether it’s streamlined labeling or graphics with bold fonts and colors, there are many ways to take a minimalist approach to packaging. Don’t make the rookie mistake of confusing “minimalist” with “boring.” Your packaging still needs to stand out from your competition. Pioneer predicts 2019 will see companies develop new ways to steer clear from boring while upping the minimalist quotient.

Two words: Beautiful, Bold. The coming year will see an increased emphasis on typography. We predict companies will employ bold and beautiful typography choices when it comes to packaging. As the attention spans of consumers shrink and it becomes harder to cut through the clutter to capture their attention,ore and more brands will employ bolder fonts and fewer words to stand out on store shelves.

Three Words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The environment never goes out of style and “sustainability” has long outgrown its status as a mere buzzword with consumers. They care about the environment, which means your company should, as well. One of 2019’s hottest trends will be designing packaging that minimizes your ecological footprint. As cheaper materials such as plastics are replaced with biodegradable choices like paper, cellulose and starch and upcycled ones like glass and bamboo, there are no limits to what your company can do to develop product packaging that is friendlier to the environment.     

No matter what trends we see in 2019, you can rest assured that Pioneer Packaging will do our best to stay ahead of them, making sure your company does, as well. Contact us today to learn how we can help you become a trendsetter in your industry.  


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