Packaging Trends in the CBD and Cannabis Industry

CBD and cannabis type products are hot items in the marketplace as they are penetrating the cosmetic, veterinary, massage, and many other industries to enhance users’ experiences. Because CBD and cannabis products are considered “luxury” items, it has created a demand for high-quality packaging that is unique to their industry. While the packaging for CBD or cannabis products may seem just like the packaging for any products, it’s not. The industry calls for a unique blend of requirements that may present challenges to some companies. 

CBD & Cannabis is a Cross Industry Resource

Part of the reason the CBD and cannabis industry is taking off is because different states like Colorado, Washington, California, and 30 other states, have legalized the sale of CBD products. The momentum is continuing to grow with more and more states passing bills to legalize sales. With this, comes a high demand for packaging CBD and cannabis-related products. However, cannabis and CBD products require a particular type of packaging that is child-proof, secure, and high-end. It is similar to the strict medical packaging requirements, with the luxury design of cosmetic packaging.   

Strict Packaging Regulations

Every state will have strict requirements when it comes to packaging requirements. However, each state will have its own regulations ranging from the amount that can be sold in individual packages, labeling, ingredients list, warning statements, and restrictions around a product’s design. For companies that are trying to sell nationwide, they will have to ensure that they are meeting all the various requirements each individual state has in place. 

Freshness Protection

Another important aspect of packaging for CBD and cannabis-related products is the protection of the freshness. In fact, light and oxygen degrade the product and its ingredients, just like fine wine. A company by the name of Honest Marijuana sells products in steel with a nitrogen dosing unit to keep oxygen levels below 4%. The protection from oxygen is much more crucial than from light, however, it’s still crucial to disclude both with packaging. Customers prefer to see the product before purchasing, which means opaque containers will be perfect for displaying the product while protecting it from ultraviolet rays.

Sustainable Packaging in CBD & Cannabis Brands

Like we have mentioned before, sustainable packaging is all the buzz right now, in any industry, to reach that millennial age group everyone is trying to target. According to a study done by Nielsen, 55% of consumers say they will pay more for sustainable products. It can be hard for companies to engage their CBD and cannabis products with eco-friendly packaging because of the strict regulations. The industry uses a lot of small containers, which is easy to produce using non-sustainable plastics. Some alternative solutions include:

  • Recyclable materials
  • Reuseable, resealable containers
  • Less fluff and leaner packaging
  • If shipping from online, using recyclable dunnage for transit

At Pioneer Packaging, we have the latest and greatest information that is going on in the packaging industry. With over 35 years of experience in packaging, we have seen the wave of trends come and go, so we want to make sure you are aware of all the things going on in the industry. If you are in need of a packaging solution for CBD or cannabis products, we can partner with you to streamline your packaging. 
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