Ocean Plastics

A plastic bottle sticking out of the ground with a littered beach in the background

Computer giant Dell continues its adoption of sustainable packaging. Oliver Campbell, Dells Director of Procurement & Packaging Innovation, has shared with Anne Marie Mohan, editor, Greener Package-Packaging World news of Dells progress towards its latest packaging project: Ocean plastics.

Consumers today are very conscious of what they see as overpackaging, and are concerned with our sustainability efforts and care for the planet. Customers want a better world, a great experience, and they want it at a great cost. The businesses that figure out how to deliver these things is going to have the advantgage.

The key principle Dell has operated under since they began using bamboo in 2009, was to use innovative packaging materials when equal or better in cost compared to traditional packaging. When sustainabiltiy is done right, it can be great for business, and great for the planet.

Dell has made a commitment to the United Nations at the Ocean Conference that by 2025 they will increase their use of Ocean Plastic by 10 times what they are using this year. They take this goal very serious and are open with their supply chain so others can use it and be part of the solution around ocean plastic, hoping others will join in this effort.

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