Mushrooms, the Newest Packaging Trend?

A basket holding a large amount of mushrooms

Here at Pioneer Packaging, we like to keep you updated on all the greatest packaging innovations that have arisen from our industry. The latest one we would like to focus on is the sustainable substitute for EPS Foam and polystyrene; packaging made out of mushrooms. That’s right, you read that correctly, mushrooms, the fungus that is usually disregarded as something undesirable can now be used as an environmentally friendly option to package any type of products.

A company called Ecovative created a way to make packaging materials out of mushrooms and other agricultural waste with a process called “Mycelium Biofabrication Platform.” The process controls cells, DNA and nutrients to grow in any particular shape using mycelium bonds. Basically, agriculture waste is injected with mushroom spawn and after a few days is dried and ready for use. This cuts out the use of petroleum as an external energy source and agricultural waste is repurposed and reused.

Big companies like Dell and IKEA have started utilizing the mushroom-based material as part of a sustainable effort to reduce the amount of traditional packaging. Because of the way these mushroom packaging materials are made, it allows unique shapes to be made easily and can protect heavy products just like Styrofoam can.

Pioneer Packaging wants you to stay updated on all the newest technology the packaging industry has to offer. We make sustainable efforts here and want you to be at the forefront of new ideas that could potentially help your business’s carbon footprint. Contact us to learn more about different ways you can be sustainable.

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