4 Materials To Consider to Enhance The Consumer Unboxing Experience

An opened pink box with an item wrapped in white tissue paper unboxing

It’s always exciting when you receive that long-awaited package in the mail, but many companies are making the packaging itself something to look forward to. The unboxing experience has become a popular trend amongst online consumers and businesses due to its unique experience that can’t be had in-store. This type of eCommerce packaging integrates several different elements into the experience, and depending on the company, will use several different materials in its design.

Here are 4 materials to consider to enhance the consumer’s unboxing experience.

Custom Tissue Paper

Think back to a time when you were little and how excited you would get on Christmas to unwrap your gifts. By utilizing custom tissue paper, brands can leverage that feeling and create an unboxing experience that consumers will remember. Not only will it add the feeling of a “gift-like” purchase, but it adds another level of protection against possible damage in transit.

Customized Packaging Tape

As we know, tape is important in most packaging designs, as it holds the container together and keeps the product safe inside. But the tape doesn’t have to be boring. When designing a piece of branded packaging, businesses might consider custom tape so it will mesh more efficiently with the design. Even if a company can’t quite afford branded boxes, a brand-specific tape might be a good alternative.

Use Branded Boxes

The box itself will be the first thing consumers will see, making it the first part of the unboxing experience. As the first part of the process, businesses need to create a sense of anticipation when they first glance at the package. If they see an ordinary box, it won’t instill a sense of excitement quite as much as a branded box. 

Keep It Cool

One trend that is occurring is the abundance of subscription eCommerce businesses popping up in the market. For instance, there are several food-based subscriptions that send customers meal kits to their front door. Most of the time this includes fresh foods, such as meat, fruit, veggies, and even dairy products. To maintain the food’s freshness and safety of the recipients, these food-based subscriptions must utilize materials that will keep their products cold in transit. 

That is where insulated packaging comes in. There are several options to choose from, but most are harmful to the environment. Pioneer Packaging recently constructed a thermal cooler that is highly insulative, as it is eco-friendly.

Let Pioneer Packaging Design Your Unboxing Experience

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been a leader in designing effective packaging solutions. Whether you are a food subscription service looking for an eco-friendly thermal cooler or a company looking to upgrade from their ordinary brown boxes, we can be your resource to stand out. Contact us today so we can discuss your unboxing experience. 

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