Machinery and Automation

A machine is in the process of constructing packaging with the caption "Most consumer packaged goods are manufactured using packaging machines"


Most consumer packaged goods are manufactured using packaging machines. The global packaging machinery market was valued at more than $39 billion in 2016 It is expected to top $62 billion by 2023. At Pioneer Packaging, we utilize the latest in machinery and automation. We are keeping a close eye on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on packaging equipment and processing lines. There is a new line of robotic end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) equipment. This equipment can be used to handle fragile products and materials or produce fine design details. There are advancements being made in the premade-pouch fillers/sealers sectors of packaging. This is being driven by the desire to develop packaging with less waste and greater operational efficiency.

Pioneer Packaging combines technology with dependable packaging machinery to deliver the highest level of dependability to our clients.

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