Love Is In the Packaging: How Common Valentine’s Gifts are Packaged

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Did you know the history of Valentine’s Day dates back to in the 5th century?  Saint Valentine, a Roman priest,  was martyred for secretly marrying couples against the word of the Roman Emperor. After his death, the Vatican established February 14th as his feast day. This day became designated by the church to honor and celebrate his life and sacrifice. This holiday started to become popular in 17th century, where it was common for friends to exchange small gifts and love letters. Now, it is estimated that around 62% of adults in the United States celebrate this holiday and they spend, on average, $13.9 billion dollars.

In honor of today’s festivities, Pioneer Packaging wants to share the story of how the two most common Valentine’s Day gifts are packaged. Because here at Pioneer, we love packaging!

Boxed Chocolates: The most popular Valentine’s Day gift are boxed chocolates and other candies. 58 million pounds of chocolate candy are purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day. Most of these chocolate products come packaged in heart shaped boxes wrapped in pink and red cellophane paper. 36 million heart shaped chocolate packages are sold around Valentine’s Day. Online retailers are starting to offer personalized packaging for their boxed-chocolate products, adding that extra special touch for that extra special someone.

Flower Bouquets: The second most purchased Valentine’s Day gift are flower bouquets. According to the Society of American Florists, the most popular flower sold on Valentine’s Day are red roses and around 250 million roses are sold during this holiday. The two most important factors in handling fresh flower deliveries are speed and refrigeration. Thanks to temperature-controlled packaging and expedited delivery options, the flowers you have ordered will arrive fresh and on time.

Whether you forgot to pick up that box of chocolates on your way home from work or you ordered that bouquet of flowers weeks ago, Pioneer is here to service you with all your romantic endeavors.

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